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Who is Karen Minty?

Karen Minty, B.Ed., M.Ed.

Karen’s passion and expertise are in the field of communication behaviour. When we understand the motivation that drives a behaviour, we can improve the way we interact, build stronger relationships, and create powerful and efficient teams.


After 20 years in various leadership and training roles in the financial, property management, and non-profit sectors, Karen understands that old problems must be solved in new innovative ways. By offering alternative strategies to problematic behaviours and communication styles, she has helped many organizations improve their bottom-line.

She has earned a Bachelor degree in Adult Education from Brock University and an international Master’s degree in Adult Education and Global Change from the University of British Columbia. Karen has studied at seven different universities around the world, in Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Sweden, as well as conducting a month-long field study on community education programs in South Africa. 

Her unique education and work experience has allowed her to share her expertise as a Professor at Brock University and Lambton College. At Brock, Karen teaches Conflict Management in the Adult Education program and at Lambton, she teaches in both the Advanced Leadership & Project Management and the Instructional Design programs. 

Karen is also certified to facilitate the DISC Model of Human Behaviour, and the TRIMA Competencies Model.

Karen has been the host of her own weekly TV talk show, Community Conversations on CogecoTV for the past seven seasons and is a regular speaker and MC at various community events around Southwestern Ontario. She has a knack for teaching people how to tell their story so that it resonates with their audience.

Karen believes in the power of self-awareness and effective communication to create individual and team success. Her sense of humour, high energy, and thought-provoking perspectives ensure her training will be results-oriented, super relevant, and heaps of FUN!

Who is Karen?
Minty Methd
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Minthy method logo blue.png

The Minty Method of Learning is a unique learning methodology that I developed over my many years of teaching and training. The way adults learn differs from that of children in significant and consequential ways. Based on my experience and extensive studies of these differences, I have combined the most effective teaching and learning strategies that engage even the most resistant adult learners.

Along with some of the more common methods, I always incorporate humour and creativity into all my workshops. Both are powerful tools for improved understanding, retention, and the intentional implementation of new learning. What that means is, you're more likely to "get it and use it!"

The Minty Method of Learning is a collaboration of learner-centered, discovery-based, problem-solving experiential learning mixed with humour, creativity, and lots of activities to keep you interested, engaged and open to new ways of thinking and acting. But don't worry too much about the method - leave that up to me. You'll be too busy focusing on the results to worry about the process. So sit back, relax and enjoy the training!

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