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Conflict Resolution

Business Coffee Meeting

There are many different approaches to resolving conflict in an amicable, efficient and effective manner. 

These workshops will help you and your team recognize ineffective behaviours commonly used in conflict resolution and replace them with powerful tools and strategies to resolve differences before they escalate. 


The Minty Method of Learning incorporates the most effective teaching strategies, along with powerful tools and models. Through highly interactive and engaging activities, you and your team will easily grasp new concepts and be able to immediately implement your new learning into your work.

Support Group

Conflict Resolution

Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Conflict can arise anywhere in any company. Learn to resolve conflict quickly and turn it into opportunities to collaborate and innovate.

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Conflict Resolution with DISC 

Manage Conflict by Managing Personalities

This FUN interactive workshop leverages the DISC Model as a basis for understanding and managing personalities through conflict.

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Having Crucial Conversations

How to Have High-Stakes Conversations

This training will equip leaders with tools and strategies to navigate high-stakes, emotionally charged conversations effectively.

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Job interview

Principled Negotiation

Four proven strategies to resolve any conflict

Using the four principles of negotiation, learn to resolve any personal or workplace conflict while maintaining and strengthening the relationship. 

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