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Corporate Training

"I'm the person who is going to make you think differently." 

At its core, corporate training aims to empower employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles and contribute to the company's overall success.

From leadership development and teambuilding to conflict resolution, creativity and communication are the two cornerstones for improvement. These two fundamentals include a variety of soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and challenging prior assumptions about other people, processes, and your own capabilities. 

The Minty Method of Learning incorporates the most effective

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teaching strategies, along with powerful tools and models. Through highly interactive and engaging activities, you and your team will easily grasp new concepts and be able to immediately implement your new learning into your work. 


Let me help you develop and foster these skills in both your leaders and your team. Together we can equip them with the skills and strategies to effectively lead teams, resolve conflict, and cultivate an environment of teamwork, collaboration, creativity and innovation! 

Corporate Training Topics

Here are the key areas of corporate training expertise I focus on. Explore each section further by clicking the Read More button to discover detailed information about the workshops available in each topic.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict can arise anywhere in an organization and is sometimes hard to resolve. I offer several different approaches to learn more effective ways to resolve conflict. Click Read More for training session specifics.

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Creativity in the Workplace

Enhance skills such as collaboration, idea generation and development, creative problem-solving, critical thinking and innovation. Click Read More for training session specifics.


DISC Personality Model

Personality styles influences strengths, blind spots, and communication. Learn more about your own and how to identify others' styles. Click Read More for training session specifics.

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TRIMA Competencies Model

Similar to DISC but with a focus on workplace competencies, TRIMA can help you identify and leverage each member's strengths to create a well-balanced team. Click Read More for training session specifics.

Team Talk

Leadership & Teambuilding

Leadership is about building a strong team. Your ability to manage, motivate, inspire, and influence will determine everyone's success. Click Read More for training session specifics.


Other Training Topics

Do you know how to give an effective 30-second Elevator Pitch? Or how to network like a pro? What about your presentation skills - are they up to par? Click Read More for other available training sessions. 

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