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Leadership Development

Some people are born leaders. Most are not.

Leadership is about knowing what to do and influencing others to follow your vision. It's about motivating others, developing your team's capabilities, and valuing each member's contribution.


Luckily for most people, leadership skills can be learned!


The Minty Method of Learning incorporates the most effective teaching strategies, along with powerful tools and models. Through highly interactive and engaging activities, you and your team of developing leaders will easily grasp new concepts and be able to immediately implement your new learning into your work.

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Developing Leadership Potential

What's Your Leadership Style?

We will explore the different styles of leadership, identify your own abilities and build a strategy for success.

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TRIMA for Leaders

Develop Competencies & Leadership with TRIMA

Using TRIMA assessments, we will explore who you are, what you can do, and what impact you wish to have as a leader, then build a strategy for success.

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DISC Basics for Leaders

Personality Profiling for Leaders

You will learn how your personality style contributes to your strengths, gifts and blind spots and how it impacts the way you communicate and lead others.

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Motivating Your Team

Personalizing Motivation

This workshop will explore different motivation theories and their application to keep your team motivated, productive, and engaged.

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Conflict Resolution

Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Conflict can arise anywhere in any company. Learn to resolve conflict quickly and turn it into opportunities to collaborate and innovate.

Signing Contract

Negotiating Conflict

Negotiating a Win-Win Solution

This workshop will explore the five different methods of conflict resolution, help you identify your own style and understand how they each interact with the others.

Public Speaker

The Elevator Pitch

Crafting Your 30-Second Commercial

This workshop will teach you how to create a 30-60 second 'commercial' that is concise, engaging, and spurs people to ask the right follow-up questions.

Stang-up Meeting

Network for Success

Network Like A Pro

Networking is hard. In this workshop you will learn different strategies and techniques to approach new people, introduce yourself, and politely break into existing conversations.

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The Speaker Toolbox

Become an Engaging Speaker

This workshop is geared to mid-level skilled speakers and introduces different tools to improve and enhance your presentation skills.

I had never heard of DISC before this webinar. Now I want to know more, more, more!

- Mike C

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