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Team Building For Success

Looking to create, develop or strengthen your team? These workshops will help your team recognize their own strengths, learn new skills and understand how important complimentary skill sets are to the overall team.


The Minty Method of Learning 

incorporates the most effective teaching

strategies, along with powerful tools and

models. Through highly interactive and 

engaging activities,you and your team 

will easily grasp new concepts and be

able to immediately implement your new

learning into your work. 


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Developing Teams

Creating Your Best Team

This workshop will teach you how to create a cohesive, collaborative and well-balanced team that utilizes everyone's strengths.

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TRIMA for Teams

Understanding Who is on Your Team

This workshop will introduce you to the five personality styles of the TRIMA Model and how each style brings different necessary skills to the team.

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DISC Basics

Personality Profiling for Teams

This FUN introductory workshop will introduce you to the DISC Human Behaviour Model as a basis for understanding the four different personality styles. 


Solving The People Puzzle

Working with Different Personalities

Using the DISC model, learn new ways to adjust your own behaviour to better communicate, motivate, and influence others.

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Conflict Resolution

Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Conflict can arise anywhere in any company. Learn to resolve conflict quickly and turn it into opportunities to collaborate and innovate.

Signing Contract

Negotiating Conflict

Explore Negotiation Styles

This workshop will explore the five different methods of conflict resolution, help you identify your own style and understand how they each interact with the others.

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Team Building for Morale

Fun Day of Team Building Activities

An hour of play is better than a month of conversations if you want to get to know your team - in a personal and authentic way. Encourage relationship building today!

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